REAL CHEM for the real world

General Chemistry I & II courseware that empowers students to understand the atomic foundations of our world and apply these concepts to real-world issues they care about.

Great Courseware

REAL CHEM introduces units and modules with engaging, high-quality video that ties concepts to real-world issues relevant to students.


Explorations offer relevant application and reinforcement of skills, connecting with lived student experiences.


REAL Chem was designed from the ground-up to help every student succeed.


Next-gen tools allow the content to respond to the student to create a dynamic and personalized learning experience.

Everything you need to teach

Blended, hybrid, or fully online.
General Chemistry I & II courseware
that integrates into your LMS
Lessons with adaptive feedback
Formative & summative assessments
Homework system
Analytics with recommendations
In-class activities
Social annotation of content
In-lesson discussion threads
Teaching community of practice
24/7 support

Introduce students to the atomic world

Frequently asked questions

Real chem

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